Conversational English Skills (Tsinghua University)

Learn how to effectively communicate in English and improve your conversational language skills.

About this course:
  • Are you finding it difficult to start the conversation, or find the right words when communicating in English? Do you know how to start and end conversations in a polite way? Do you want to learn more about American, British, Canadian, Australian, South Korean, Colombian, and Chinese cultures? If so, you’ve come to the right course!

What you'll learn:
  • Develop conversational English skills. 
  • Listen to dialogues and group discussions to better understand spoken English and cultural norms.
  • Learn key words and expressions.
  • Engage in activities to help you better understand the meaning of conversations.
  • Learn to initiate your own conversations in English on a variety of topics.

Level: Introductory

Length: 10 weeks

Effort: 6 hours/week

Subject: Art & Culture

Institution: Tsinghua University

Languages: English

Video Transcripts: English

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